Whale and Ocean Lover

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Invest in quality.  Not plastic.

This PURE Bottle features an all round design, a majestic Whale Tail and on the reverse the words Ocean Lover with sea splashes by artist Elizabeth Grant painted in her  colourful, lively style. As we know these wonderful creatures are in incredible danger from single use plastics. Buying one of these bottles will help reduce this. 

Size: 500ml
Style: Ocean Lover

Unrivalled high definition finish and print quality, will not chip or flake away. Unique customisiation available.

Soft touch base for silent, non-scratch placement.

Leakproof cap. With the option of additional purifier or sport cap.

Vacuum construction keep liquids colder (24 hrs) or hotter (12 hrs) for far longer than traditional bottles.


Stay cool

Cold, fresh water for up to 24 hours.


Stay hot

Fill your bottle with boiling water and enjoy for up to 12 hours.


Stay pure

Free from plastic, BPA, and AZO.


proven reduction of more than 100 contaminants

Sustainable to our core

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Proven world class water purification technology.


Reducing the waste of single use plastic.

BPA free

Designed using the best BPA free materials.