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Frequently asked questions

Pure Hydration and ICE° Bottle products utilise variants of our innovative M.A.D.® (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) purifier technology platform. Additional information on M.A.D.® can be found here.

A filter will safely reduce levels of contaminant bacteria and parasitic protozoa in drinking water, while a purifier will also reduce waterborne viruses. Both purifiers and filters may remove chemical contaminants although this is less common with filters. Pure Hydration products are all technically purifiers in that they remove bacteria parasitic protozoa, and viruses. However, the miniaturised ICE° Cap is only recomended for use with treated municipal water, whereas such as the aquapure traveller can be used with any non-salt water contaminated drinking source.

The APT will typically work for up to 350L per purifier (depending on turbidity and general water quality), while the miniaturised ICE° Cap is designed for use with treated municipal water and to last for 120L of water

Replacement M.A.D.® purifiers and filters can be obtained from this website ( or by calling us on +44 (0)333 600 7000 -local rate. We are happy to ship worldwide.

Drinking untreated water before it has gone through the purifer is not recommended. The filter purification process is required to remove harmful microbiological pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals.

A M.A.D.® purifier removes a broad spectrum of potential contaminates from the water. The purifier will deal with viruses, bacteria, parasitic protozoa, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and other contaminates.

No, but if the water is particularly turbid, we recommend using a pre-filter to try and keep the purifier from becoming prematurely blocked. A fine-weave mesh material such as muslin, a coffee filter, or, in emergency, even a T-shirt or similar material could be used for this.

Follow these simple steps between long periods of inactivity:

1. Fill the bottle with chlorinated (tap) water and squeeze or pour through the purifier.

2. Rinse with clean water, then empty the bottle.

3. Replace the purifier cap. For the APT push the pop-top down.

4. Store the bottle in a cool place until next use, it is recommended to replace the purifier 2 years after it is first used.

Read our entire FAQs here.

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