Pure beginnings

Here at Pure Hydration, we know a thing or two about water purification. We have been supplying plastic saving products since 1993, mitigating the need for single use plastic bottles.

In 2018 Pure Hydration renewed its focus on the waste created by single use plastic drinking water bottles and the PURE BOTTLE was born.

Put simply, we’d like to see an end to single use plastic being used for drinking water packaging, so we set our sights on designing a genuinely sustainable alternative.

When it comes to delivering a product that can reduce the environmental impact compared to that of plastic production, we have the complete solution.

Stainless steel bottles take a lot of energy to manufacture, and for this to dissipate overtime the bottle must be of high quality and used many times. This is why cheaper less sustainable bottles are not the answer. One of our main mission statements, Buy better, Buy less, means we truly believe that in making the right choices, we can make a difference for our planet.

Healthy you. Healthy planet.

After research into the growing alternative use and supply of stainless steel vacuum bottles, testing identified that many of the conventional products on offer suffered from the same inherent design flaws, low quality materials and finish, and avoidable low standards of manufacturing.

In 2018 the PURE BOTTLE was launched to address these issues with a re-engineered design from the base up, innovative fabrication techniques using premium grade materials, and state of the art printing technology for durable high definition graphics.

The PURE BOTTLE was initially taken on board by WWF UK and the RSPB, with a bespoke range of original designs by artist Elizabeth Grant that has since been extended to meet continuing demand.

With significant new partnerships in development, and the release of such as the complementary PURE CAP filter, Pure Hydration now offers its widest ever range of responsible solutions for individuals and organisations seeking to respond to the global threats of waterborne contaminants and single use plastic pollution.

Goes great with


Military grade purification, anywhere, anytime.