Fatal Attraction: how our M.A.D Technology works

Fatal Attraction: how our M.A.D Technology works

Pure Hydration’s purification filters incorporate their M.A.D. Technology that eliminates waterborne pathogens using a process based on Electrohesion . Working on fatal attraction this process simply stops and holds microbiology such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and spores deep within the pores of the media.



The fibres create a natural electropositive charge (measured as penetrating into the surrounding water for up to 300 microns) which covers the entire depth and void volume between the fibres, and remove negatively charged sub-micron particles, e.g. viruses (attracted by what we call electro adhesion) through electro-adsorption. Larger particles, e.g. bacteria and parasitic protozoan pathogens, are captured by electro adhesion and mechanical action, with the restriction of pathogenic cysts by mechanical restraint within the fibre matrix.

The small PAC particle size (mean size ~8 micron) produces a rapid reaction with chemical contaminants. No adhesives are used to retain the PAC (it is held in place by the electro adhesion) meaning that there is a greater PAC surface area available for reaction.



The silver impregnate in the ~2 micron zeolites is used to inactivate and inhibit growth of retained bacteria, and is only released by ion exchange allowing for controlled delivery.

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