We have done our best to answer all your questions below.  If there is anything you need to know which is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. 

How does it work?

Pure Hydration and PURE Bottle products utilise variants of our innovative M.A.D.® (Mechanically Advanced Disinfection) purifier technology platform. Additional information on M.A.D.® can be found here.

What's the difference between a filter and a purifier?

A filter may reduce some contaminant bacteria and parasitic protozoa in drinking water, while a purifier will also reduce bacteria, protozoa and viruses to a recognised international standard. Both purifiers and filters may remove chemical contaminants although this is less common with simple filters. Pure Hydration products are all technically purifiers in that they remove bacteria parasitic protozoa, and viruses. However, the miniaturised PURE Cap is only recommended for use with treated municipal water, whereas such as the aquapure traveller can be used with any non-saline water contaminated drinking source.

How long does the purifier or filter last?

The APT will typically work for up to 350L per purifier (depending on turbidity and general water quality), while the miniaturised PURE Cap is designed for use with treated municipal water and to last for 120L of water

How do I know when the purifier/filter needs changing?

The APT and other Pure Hydration bottle-based systems will gradually get harder to squeeze as the purifier absorbs more particulate and other contaminants. Eventually it will stop completely in which case the purifier/filter will need to be replaced. Similarly, our InLine Purifiers and PURE Cap will also gradually become more difficult to suck water through.

Is it safe to use right to the end?

M.A.D.® products are designed to fail to safe. As long as water is able to pass through them it's good to drink.

Where can I get replacement filters

Replacement M.A.D.® purifiers and filters can be obtained from this website (www.purehydration.com) or by calling us on +44 (0)333 600 7000 -local rate. We are happy to ship worldwide.

Can I remove the cap and drink the water?

Drinking untreated water before it has gone through the purifer is not recommended. The filter purification process is required to remove harmful microbiological pathogens, chemicals, and heavy metals.

I have an older bottle - is this still safe to use?

A M.A.D.® purifier will continue to work until it is physically blocked. It is recommended to replace a purifier 2 years after its first use, or if unused for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Can I use the filter below freezing level?

Once water has passed into the M.A.D.® purifier it should not be allowed to freeze, as this could damage the internal media If the purifier is known or suspected to have been frozen after first use, it should be replaced.

What does it remove?

A M.A.D.® purifier removes a broad spectrum of potential contaminates from the water. The purifier will deal with viruses, bacteria, parasitic protozoa, chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and other contaminates.

Does the water need pre-treating?

No, but if the water is particularly turbid, we recommend using a pre-filter to try and keep the purifier from becoming prematurely blocked. A fine-weave mesh material such as muslin, a coffee filter, or, in emergency, even a T-shirt or similar material could be used for this.

How long does it last when not in use?

You can buy a replacement Aquapure Traveller purification cap or InLine purifier on its own, or a new purifier and bottle complete. The PURE Cap and replacement purifiers are sold separately to the standard PURE Bottle.

How do I store it after use?

Follow these simple steps between long periods of inactivity:

  • Fill the bottle with chlorinated (tap) water and squeeze or pour through the purifier.
  • Rinse with clean water, then empty the bottle
  • Replace the purifier cap. For the APT push the pop-top down.
  • Store the bottle in a cool place until next use, it is recommended to replace the purifier 2 years after it is first used
What is Turbidity?

Turbid water is water that is filled with large amounts of tiny particles. Turbid water is generally cloudy in appearance and causes filters block prematurely.

The particles are small enough to suspend in the water and settle very slowly or not at all.

Whereas the filters will remove the particles from the water, the sheer volume of them can cause the filter to block prematurely.

Good practice is to avoid cloudy water, take water from faster flowing parts of rivers and streams and from the surface rather than the bottom.

If you are likely to encounter turbid waters on a daily basis then it is a good idea to take a Milbank bag or other suitable pre-filter to remove as much turbidity as possible before using your Pure Hydration product.

I am pregnant - is this product safe to use?

Yes. M.A.D.® purifiers contains no harmful chemicals or additives so the purification of water is not a problem. However, we do recommend seeking medical advice before embarking on any foreign trips during pregnancy.

It is recommended that you seek medical advice before using this product.

I have hypothyroidism/thyroid problems - is this product safe to use?

Yes. M.A.D.® purifiers contain no harmful chemicals or additives, so this is safe to use. However we do recommend seeking medical advice before embarking on any foreign trips if you have hypothyroidism/thyroid problems.

Can I use this product to make baby milk?

Baby milk should not be made with filtered water. However if in doubt, please seek medical advice before using this product.

Will the APT filter sea water/saline/fruit juice/hot drinks/urine, etc?

M.A.D.® purifier products are designed to work with fresh water sources only. Putting anything else through the filter such as sea water, fruit juice, sugary drinks, tea & coffee, urine etc will damage the filter.

How do I clean the APT?

It is still recommended that you clean your bottle whenever possible with warm soapy water & rinse thoroughly with chlorinated tap water. M.A.D.® purifier products should be simply rinsed through with chlorinated tap water only.

Can ICE Bottles keep drinks hot?

We recommend for best results filling your ICE bottle with boiling water first to heat the inside, then emptying out the boiling water before filling your bottle with a hot drink.  Up to 12 hours hot is based on filling your ICE Bottle with boiling water and keeping it shut.  Results will significantly vary based on the temperature of the drink put in the bottle and how many times it's opened. 


Other questions?

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