Charitable support ICE°

It doesn't matter whether you're a one person hedgehog rescue centre or an internationally recognised charity; we know that your work sustains our society and the wider environment.

We're always particularly keen to hear from third sector organisations who work in support of 

  • wildlife rescue & protection, and environmental improvement (both in the UK and overseas)
  • educational organisations (because we see universal education as the best hope for our planet's future)
  • medical provision (incl. mental health) and dedicated disability charities

If you're a big organisation we'll ask you to purchase an agreed number of ICE° Bottles, and you'll benefit from the ability to resell these via your own channels.

If you're a smaller organisation, we'll print on demand (it might take a couple more days to deliver, but there will be no capital outlay on your part). We can use this website to offer your supporters a purchase portal, and make a donation to you.

In either case, we'll ask you for some good quality graphics (we can work with you to provide these), but, whatever your size, we will help with the marketing of your uniquely branded ICE° Bottle.