ICE° Bottle Information

Why ICE° Bottle?

The ICE° Bottle has been engineered from the base up to ensure superior strength and durability. The flat, non-slip base ensures that it stays where you place it. The shape of the base significantly reduces the opportunity for distortion and loss of functionality. Drop testing has demonstrated superior results to many other commonly available products in this market.

Green ICE°

Put simply, we’d like to see an end to single use plastic being used for drinking water packaging, so we set our sights on designing a genuinely sustainable alternative. When it comes to delivering a product that can reduce the environmental impact compared to that of plastic production, a stainless steel bottle needs to be used multiple times.

ICE° Cap Performance?

stainless steel bottles are everywhere, but, unfortunately, many of them suffer from the same inherent flaws, low quality materials, and manufacturing in a race to the bottom. If a bottle base easily dents when impacted by a drop, it can quickly lose the ability to be stood upright, and will be discarded.  Even scratching of a design can cause a product to fall from favour and regular use. Premium 18/8 (304 grade) stainless steel is used to form the ICE° Bottle. Taken together with state-of-the-art fabrication processes ensuring vacuum and structural integrity, the ICE° Bottle can keep liquids colder or hotter for far longer than many conventional products, and, corrosion resistant, it won’t taint the taste of your beverage.


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