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Premium quality stainless steel bottles with many bespoke designs by artist Elizabeth Grant.

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WWF ElephantWWF Elephant
WWF Elephant Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF GorillaWWF Gorilla
WWF Gorilla Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF HareWWF Hare
WWF Hare Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF JaguarWWF Jaguar
WWF Jaguar Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF OrangutanWWF Orangutan
WWF Orangutan Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF OtterWWF Otter
WWF Otter Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF PandaWWF Panda
WWF Panda Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF Polar BearWWF Polar Bear
WWF Polar Bear Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF PuffinWWF Puffin
WWF Puffin Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF RhinoWWF Rhino
WWF Rhino Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF Snow LeopardWWF Snow Leopard
WWF Snow Leopard Sale priceFrom $36.00
WWF TigerWWF Tiger
WWF Tiger Sale priceFrom $36.00
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Drinking water technology innovators since 1994.


Proven world class water purification technology.


Reducing the waste of single use plastic.

BPA free

Designed using the best BPA free materials.

*Premium performance vacuum construction to keep liquids colder (24 hrs) or hotter (12 hrs*) for far longer than many conventional products. We recommend for best results filling your ICE bottle with boiling water first to heat the inside, then emptying out the boiling water before filling your bottle with a hot drink.  Up to 12 hours hot is based on filling your ICE Bottle with boiling water and keeping it shut.  Results will significantly vary based on the temperature of the drink put in the bottle and how many times it's opened.