Complete Water Filtration System

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Great Tasting Water! With our Complete Filtration System.

Ease of Installation The Pure Hydration @Home Complete Water Filtration System enables you to enjoy cleaner, great tasting water and is the perfect solution for your home. It fits neatly and simply into any kitchen. See the Fitting instructions below for more info.

Drinking fresh, clean water is essential for good health. Our system has been proven to improve the taste of tap water by reducing Chlorine.

The Green Answer to Great Tasting Water If you buy bottled water, then forget having to buy or carry those heavy and inconvenient plastic bottles. You help the environment by not having to dispose of them, and the filter cartridge only has to be changed twice a year.

Prevent Limescale Build Up Our premium version also reduces Limescale build up in your kettle, coffee machine etc., making your hot drinks taste better.

Stylish Design The attractive chrome faucet fits conveniently on the work surface while the small treatment unit is hidden from view under the sink.

It is effective, stylish and extremely simple to fit. In the vast majority of cases, our customers install the Pure Hydration @Home under-sink system themselves, without the services of a plumber. The few fittings that you need are in the box along with comprehensive fitting instructions.

System: Advanced

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